Tango zaterdag



tango new year!


For those who want to connect the Old and the New Year: on this last evening of the year, to move into the first day of the new one, we'll have tango music, dance, something to eat and a very warm ambiance.. Because we looove to put 'a good time' and 'a good tango' in one sentence!


NEW YEAR'S tango EVE @ De Koffiefabriek

On Monday 31st of December we will open our doors at 19:30. Similar to last year, we will provide in a basic buffet, hot (=soup) and cold. We ask you to bring yourself, your dance stuff, your festive mood and also a nice dish to add to our buffet.


Like last year we will provide in tango music (and a little bit of somethng else), a nice environment with appropriate Christmas decoration, bubbles at midnight and an amazing party, you would like to join until the morning!
With DJ Coos as your tango-DJ.

Your contribution:

Till December 27th: 15 euro + a small dish (tapa/dessert) to complement our basic buffet.
After that: 20 euro + a small dish (tapa/dessert) to complement our basic buffet.


Fireworks of the city of Antwerp will be at walking distance!


Attention: De Nieuwe Koffiefabriek is a bit smaller (and cosier) than the previous venue, so, we're going to limit the number of participants this year.

Therefor, subscribe NOW to De Koffiefabriek to: newyear@dekoffiefabriek.be.


Hope to see you then!


NEW YEAR'S tango day @ De Koffiefabriek

For those who would like to connect the old and the new, for those who had a different engagement on New Year's Eve and would like to join at this point, for those who like the 'Daytime' or 'Practica' ambiance of De Koffiefabriek, for those who would just like to come and say 'Happy Newyear!' or for those who like to do something about the left-overs of the buffet:


On the 1st of January between 15:00 and 18:00, you're welcome again in De Koffiefabriek: for a coffee, a tango, an bit of the buffet, a daytime milonga, a wish..



love to see you then!